Missio Dei Urban Misssions


 USA/Canada: Missio Dei

Online curriculum to help churches and small groups reach their mission field

Missio Dei (A Latin phrase meaning, "The Mission of God") is a recent denominational video resource that profiles God at work in the U.S. and Canada to reach an increasingly diverse and secular society. 

Several Nazarene congregations and non-profit ministries from across the U.S. were profiled in the 33-minute presentation, which was delivered to every church as a part of the April World Mission DVD (Volume 3). Now, a 78-page companion study guide is available online as a free download to all interested persons, small groups, and congregations looking for ways to penetrate their mission field. The study guide is a biblical and theological resource that can be facilitated by a pastor, church board, or a small group and is written in an accessible style. 

The Missio Dei curriculum is divided into six segments and is intended to encourage Nazarenes to take on Jesus' eyes and engage in God's mission, with special attention to four target areas:


1.    The poor and marginalized 
2.    The multicultural world around us 
3.    The urban areas from which 
       the local church has withdrawn 
4.    The postmodern generation of 
       young people searching for 
       spiritual meaning 

"Many Nazarenes want to reach their neighborhoods and communities, but sometimes lack the understanding or methodology needed to accomplish sustainable Kingdom ministry," reports Mission Strategy Director Oliver R. Phillips. "This study guide is designed to help fill that gap by helping remove the conceptual barriers that often keep us from reaching others for Christ." 

The curriculum also includes a commissioning section for groups or churches interested in holding a ceremony to commemorate their commitment to outreach. Study guide contributors include Phillips, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries USA/Canada Coordinator Althea Taylor, and Urban Ministry Educator Fletcher L. Tink. 

The study guide and related video clips may be accessed online by going to www.missionstrategy.org . The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be obtained free from www.adobe.com , is needed to open the study guide. Persons desiring a copy of the Missio Dei DVD may request a copy via E-mail at sgrube@nazarene.org.